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HVAC Controllers by Schneider Electric

HVAC Control

Day Automation Systems uses programmable application controllers from the Schneider Electric family of products. For over 35 years we have been bringing control sequences to life with our custom software routines. Our customers are provided with a comprehensive graphical user interface which empowers the most casual of user up to our most savvy power users. Is scalability a concern to you?If so, we have an answer. We have designed systems ranging from a single room up to 100 buildings all with the same great suite of products.The system is network friendly and can take advantage of your existing infrastructure.


Video Surveillance

Day Automation's integrated IP-based video surveillance systems are capable of high definition, infrared, license plate recognition and advanced video analytics. Our systems deliver higher levels of situational awareness and responsiveness.

We offer a wide range of surveillance solutions to address any security challenge.


Access Control

Our access control and intrusion detection systems provide total control of your facilities. Whether it is one or multiple buildings, we provide a complete system capable of the flexibility needed for today's higher standards of security. Our Access Control systems can be integrated into our HVAC solution, offering a complete solution controlled from a single, multiple or remote administrator.


Utility Metering

Utility metering is a vital step in understanding your facility's energy consumption. We use a four step Actionable Intelligence program to collect data from your facility and provide you with detailed reports. From there, we work with you to develop a Periodic Action Protocol that can help you manage and reduce your energy expenditures.

Here's how it works:
  1. Data Collection: Our system monitors your gas, electricity, and utility usage via a secure network.
  2. Data Assessment: An analysis package is created that allows you to benchmark usage between buildings.
  3. Building Sustainability: Concise metrics are generated that allow you to identify and control your energy levels.
  4. Protocol Management: Finally, we work with you to create actionable steps for periodic improvement.

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