Security Solutions

Incorporating physical security products including video surveillance, access management and intrusion detection, lockdown and notification to establish a safe and secure environment.

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Access Control

Exterior entrance doors are integrated to unified lock down devices and the access control system to establish a secure/locked perimeter.


Facilities are equipped with devices to put the building in lockdown and notify law enforcement and other officials.


Audio and visual devices are connected to the lockdown system to notify staff and students.

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance solutions are designed to help you quickly and easily access the video recordings you need. High resolution cameras offer the ability to clearly zoom in to your area of concern. Built-in analytics can determine if a preson or a vehicle enters the camera’s view, making searching meaningful and efficient.

Concealed Weapons Detection

New technology to assist you in securing your facilities and enhancing the safety of your students, facility staff and community. The Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD) system is a high throughput, low contact, weapons screening solution that can be unified into the video security solutions provided by Day Automation.